High Pass Trekking

Passages Nepal has offered and operated high pass trek in Nepal. The trekking high pass means we cross through height place of route lies between two valleys. Nepal country drawing is almost hill and mountain where people can make enjoy with trail-blazer on foot. High pass trekking route is one of the most popular trekking in Nepal.

The pass is high enough to cause acute mountain sickness in trekkers who have not acclimatized to the altitude. Some high passes is really carriage full and difficulties you have to have. The spring and autumn seasons with a clear weather window for crossing the pass is between March and April and between October and November. Attempting to cross the pass in winter is dangerous due to frostbite and avalanches risk and chances of losing ones way in the snow.

The crossing of the pass requires the use of technical climbing equipment and trekkers must be skilled in the use of this and be prepared. Trekkers must have to careful during the passing period. For those who are able to complete the crossing the rewards are some of the best mountain landscapes to be found anywhere in Nepal. There is many and famous high pass trek in Nepal such as Amphu lapcha pass trek,Chola pass trek, tashi lapcha pass trek,Nar phu valley pass trek, ganjala la pass trek,throung la pass trk, renjo la pass trek, rupina pass trek etc.


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