Ruby valley Trek in Ganesh Himal (virgin route)

 Ruby Valley Trek (Virgin route)


Gatlang village which is more renown as" land of Tamang pople" which lies in the heart of langtang himal range especially langtang and lirung Himal in the Rasuwa district.  To reach this Tamang village we have to pass through 4th largest Langtang National Park, Established in 1976 with total area covers 1710km2 of Nuwakot, Rasuwa and Sindupalchok district. To reach this beautifully stoned carved Tamang village we have to drive 7/8 hours drive from the capital city. The altitude of this village is 3800m approx.  The main occupation of this village is mainly occupation in the field of terrace land. This village also connects with the Tamang heritage trail which is was developed by the Tourism for Rural Poverty Alleviation Program (TRPAP) in 2012. In the morning we can have splendid spectacular views of Langtang and lirung himal with the snow flying over its white shining shoulders from the village. Unique culture and dresses of the Tamang people makes different feelings in you from the dress that you have been seeing in western culture. The local dances and the way of songs they sing make your trip more memorable from the ancient period of time till the date they have been following the Tibetan culture. They have their own handmade handicrafts like scarf, hat, bakkhu to sell as the gift from their land to you to improve their income generation. We can find good and comfortable hotel in Gatlang.


After walking for 5/6 hours we reached to a place called Somdang which lies in the Dhading district and we can consider this village as a border with Rasuwa and Dhaing. The elevation of this area is 3520m approx from the sealevel. We have to hike whole day in the jungle with big pine trees and Rhododendron flowers in the spring to reach Somdang from Gatlang village. This is a small valley with 20+ houses and tea houses. This is the centre point for the trekkers doing Ruby Valley Trek and Paldor Base camp. The construction of electricity is going there with the electricity name called Melung Hydro project with …Mw. This beautifully created valley is quite and relax able without any noise except the chirping of birds, surrounded by big and tall trees and the clatter of river which has sweetness it itself. There is a metal company which is on the way to Paldor base camp. Talking about occupation here in Somdang village there is no agricultural field as this is newly settled village into the gap of high hills and dense forest.  You can see the high hills and big trees towering towards to you. The people here go to collect seasonable herbs like Yarsha gumba which is believed to be the vitamins and sell them in the market from China.

Pangsang Pass(3850m):

This lies on the top of the somdang village and Tipling village at the height of 3850m from the sea level.  Splendid and panoramic views of Mountains like Langtang range in the east and Mount Ganesh, Manaslu and Annapurn range in the west can be observed from this point. There is a hotel at Pangsang pass you can spent a night if you wish to chill with cold environment taking a cup of tea over the blue sky with white and transparent clouds. The view of Tipling village at the bottom can be imaged.  You will have a breath taking scenery with cold air blowing when you make it at the pass. If you move your eyes toward the west then you will see a beautifull village Tipling at the bottom.

Tipling Village(2078m):


Tipling village lies in the lap of mount Ganesh himal in the northern part of Capital city. This is in remote area of Dhading district which takes 3/ 4 days of walking from the district.  The people live here are mainly Ghale and Tamang ethnic and some Blacksmith (kaami). The main occupation of this village is farming. Villagers are always busy in cultivating in the field. The religious in the villages are semi Christian and semi Buddhist. Buddhist was the first religion in the village but due to the rising of Christianity people have changed their religion. There are Christian prophets in the village helping in schools to give good education in the village school. There is one old Buddhist monastery at the head of the village. The people living here also follow the cultural, rituals similar with Tibet. The geographical condition of Tipling , Sertung and Borang is totally different then other villages around. If you see the land of cultivation in this village is slope and inclined with terrace field. The main source of water in this area is from natural resources from pound or from river. This village is not exploded in the eyes of tourism sector. We can call these villages as a "hidden treasure village".  This village will be a good tourism area if we will be able to promote this village. We can find Natural resources like ruby or quartz and if we walk a day from the village to another village development community Lingo there are two kalo and seto daha (Black and white Lake) which is still hiding in the lap of mount Ganesh Himal. Dashain and Tihar (Deepawali) festival of Lights are the main festivals of Nepal so being a Buddhist and religion people of this area also take this as their main festival instead of following their Main festival like Loshar (New Year)of Buddhist and Christmas is the main festival of Christians.  During winter people celebrate Mane jatra which was performed from the ancient period till date following generation to generation for 3 days or more.  Jhakri or Bombo (Witch doctors) can be seen performing on some especially days like Janaipurnema. We can view a clear view of Mounta Ganesh Himal.


This village is 3 /4 hours hike from Tipling village crossing two different villages Sertung and Awae walking uphill and downhill on the terrace land of Tamang cultivation field and during spring Cowherd with animals can be seen. The Used to be the main market for the upper villagers where they can come and buy their basic needs in the ancient period but because of change in time mule acts as the main transportation for carrying goods villagers don’t have to come to Borang to buy. This village was only the Village Having School up to grade 10 and students from other villages nearby like Lapa, Sertung,Tipling and Jharlang have to rush after having their meal in the morning walking 1 /2 hrs to attend the School. Nothing is different in cultural and rituals in this village then Tipling. This village is surrounded by big rocky hills from all the side and Aankhu Khola flows from the bottom.


Dundure Khole(900m):

We reached to Dundure khole from Borang walking for 5 /6 hrs whole day hike crossing one or two suspension bridge. This village have warm climate comparing with the upper villages. This is also one of the beautiful villages with terrace land and surrounded by small forest with Aankhu khole which flows from here and mixed with famous rafting river of Nepal Trishuli. We can have a peaceful sleep here without any crowdy noise like of city. This will be the last night trek of Virgin Ruby valley trek. There are small hotels where typical and local types of food are served and a small room to sleep. We will spend one night here and take a Jeep drive for 4 / 5 hrs to Dhading bensi. After having lunch there we will drive direct to the capital city of Nepal Kathmandu.